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Atlanta Lift Services

Dirt, moss and debris that collects on the roof of your building could be slowly compromising the integrity of your roof. Impact Pressure Washing can eliminate that problem with our commercial services. We have lifts that allow us to reach those high places that some other companies avoid. Our lifts make it possible for us to clean church steeples, tall business buildings, large homes and other structures that are more than one story high.

Impact Pressure Washing lift services ensure that your building will be cleaned literally from top to bottom. Cleaning the sides of a structure is good, but damage can still occur when the roof is not cleared of dirt and debris. The moisture that gets trapped can cause water damage over time. Wood begins to rot from the growth of roof algae and moss or lichens. Moisture-loving insects will breed in these areas. When moisture gets in through the cracks created by wood rot, mold could begin to grow. Mold growth is known to cause health problems which can sometimes be serious.

Keeping your roof clean will prevent the rot and decay that moisture can cause. This may keep the value of your home from diminishing as well as add years to the life of your roofing. Our lift services make keeping your roof clean an easy and affordable task.

You Have Friends for High Places

Our lifts are not just for cleaning buildings and roofs. People call us anytime they need a lift to handle a problem. Many buildings in Atlanta and the surrounding area have light fixtures that can be 40 feet off the ground. Changing a light bulb in such a case requires more than just a ladder. Impact Pressure Washing can supply you with a lift that will get the job accomplished quickly and safely.

When you have a job to do that requires equipment that can put you up in the air, contact us. We are the professionals who can help you get the job done with ease. Need high ledges or beams cleaned? Call us for a lift to those higher places. Contact Impact Pressure Washing today for more information about our lifts and a price quote. We look forward to serving you.

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