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Graffiti Removal Services

Graffiti is a terrible blight on Atlanta Metro and the surrounding communities. Unsightly or profane artwork and markings ruin the aesthetic appeal of buildings, parks, neighborhoods and entire communities. Impact Pressure Washing works with homeowners, businesses, building managers, HOAs and cities to provide quick and effective graffiti removal services.

Graffiti is vandalism, which is against the law in every municipality across the Atlanta area. In fact, Georgia law considers graffiti, also known as street art, a form of vandalism. This crime is categorized under specific misdemeanor and felony statutes and can carry severe punishments.

When vandals leave their ugly markings on your property, call Impact Pressure Washing. We use a variety of methods to remove graffiti from numerous surfaces, including:

  • Brick
  • Stucco
  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Vinyl
  • Concrete
  • Asphalt

Graffiti leaves a negative impression on clients, residents and visitors, and marks a neighborhood as unsafe or undesirable. Don’t let vandals ruin the reputation of your home, community or business by allowing graffiti to remain. Report the damage to law enforcement, then call Impact Pressure Washing for graffiti removal services.

Pressure Washing or Sandblasting Graffiti Removal

Impact Pressure Washing can provide graffiti removal services for any level of vandalism, using the best removal medium for the type of surface and graffiti markings. Many times, pressure washing is all that is necessary to remove ugly, unwanted markings or artwork. This is probably the least invasive of all graffiti removal measures. Pressurized water is a powerful tool for cleaning surfaces, and can leave your property looking new and pristine.

When pressure washing is not strong enough, Impact Pressure Washing has a variety of safe cleaning solutions with which to remove graffiti markings, each for a specific type of surface. But there are times when no amount of detergents or high-pressure water will remove the paint or other graffiti substance.

Impact Pressure Washing offers dustless sandblasting for graffiti removal throughout the Atlanta Metro and surrounding communities. Our mobile dustless sandblasting service brings all the necessary equipment to your property location for graffiti removal. Dustless sandblasting combines water with the blasting media (sand, glass or soda) to eliminate the large clouds of dust that are usually generated by traditional sandblasting operations.

Dustless sandblasting for graffiti removal leaves your surfaces clean and damage-free. Additionally, without layers of dust covering everything, little to no cleanup effort is required. The graffiti is gone, and so is the mess. Our skilled sandblasting technicians know how to use the proper media and techniques to sandblast away paint or other substances without harming your surface material.

Professional Atlanta, GA, Graffiti Removal Services

Defacing another person or entity’s property, regardless of intention, is breaking the law. Even the most accomplished street art is vandalism and is generally unwelcome. Cities, HMOs, businesses, building managers and property owners have a partner in the fight against ugly and unwanted graffiti. Impact Pressure Washing in Atlanta, Fayetteville and Kennesaw, GA, provides professional graffiti removal services for a variety of surfaces.

Call any of our three locations to request graffiti removal as soon as possible. Often, the sooner we address the graffiti markings, the easier the cleaning task. We bring all the needed equipment, tools and technicians to your property location to complete graffiti removal operations. We only use cleaners that are eco-friendly and safe for the particular surface on which they are used. Our technicians can generally determine which cleaner or cleaning technique will best suit your unique situation right away.

Let Impact Pressure Washing help you in the battle against unwanted graffiti. Graffiti removal can keep your buildings and communities looking safe and beautiful and help keep property values high. Call or message us online today.

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