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Atlanta Commercial and Industrial Dustless Media Sandblasting Contractors

Impact Pressure Washing also offers our mobile dustless media sandblasting services to commercial and industrial concerns. Sandblasting has long been used in various industries for cleaning and resurfacing a variety of items, walls and equipment. Our dustless media sandblasting produces the same clean results without billowing clouds of dust to settle all over your property. This is especially important for businesses or industrial concerns that have regulatory guidelines concerning clean air and pollution.

We bring our mobile equipment to your location or job site to perform dustless sandblasting on a variety of surfaces or items, including:

  • Concrete floors
  • Parking pads
  • Dumpster pads
  • Asphalt
  • Construction equipment
  • Fuel tanks
  • Oil tanks
  • Piping
  • Metal surfaces
  • Wooden surfaces
  • Aluminum surfaces
  • Sidewalks
  • More…

Practically any material or item can be resurfaced with sandblasting, using sand, glass or soda. Prepare items for resale, prepare surfaces for recoating, clean away accumulated grease and grime for safety and aesthetic appeal or hundreds of other uses. Dustless media sandblasting is the premier choice for cleaning and resurfacing old, weathered or grimy surfaces and equipment.

Make your business appear inviting with fresh, clean surfaces through dustless sandblasting. Erase old lines and oil stains from asphalt, green coating or graffiti from walls or old paint from masonry to present your best look to customers. All with safe, clean dustless sandblasting that will not harm your surfaces or leave layers of dust and grit behind.

Atlanta Dustless Media Sandblasting

Home and business owners with items or surfaces that need rehabilitation have access to mobile Atlanta dustless media sandblasting from Impact Pressure Washing. Over time, walls, swimming pools, garages, driveways and other surfaces can accumulate paint, grease, grime, mold and other foreign matter that detract from their appearance. If you see it every day, you grow accustomed to the way it looks – but how do others see your property?

When family or guests visit your home in Atlanta, what kind of first impression do they receive? Green-coated walls, flaking or worn paint, stained concrete or asphalt or other weathered and worn surfaces give an aged and unkempt appearance. At times, even the strongest pressure washing cannot erase the grime and paint. Dustless media sandblasting is the solution, and Impact Pressure Washing brings all the needed equipment to your property.

Forget about spraying harsh chemicals all over your surfaces or items, or enduring endless scraping, sanding or wire brushing. Dustless media sandblasting can remove the toughest foreign matter from your surfaces to leave them looking new and pristine again. We can remove:

  • Old paint
  • Rust
  • Mold
  • Grease
  • Grime
  • Stains
  • Graffiti
  • More…

Almost any surface can benefit from dustless media sandblasting to remove the harshest matter and reveal a new, clean surface, ready for re-use or refinishing. And, our dustless process means no large clouds of dust and sand to settle everywhere for a huge cleanup job afterward. Keep the air and your other surfaces clean while renewing ugly, stained or worn surfaces with Atlanta dustless media sandblasting.

Quality, Eco-Friendly Dustless Sandblasting from Impact Pressure Washing

Impact Pressure Washing combines water with the chosen sandblasting media for your project (sand, glass beads or soda) to capture dust and blasted material. This eliminates the great, annoying clouds of dust that surround traditional sandblasting projects. Your project area is easily cleaned after sandblasting is completed, and there are no layers of dust in surrounding areas.

Plus, our dustless media sandblasting services are 100% eco-friendly. We use no chemicals or detergents in the sandblasting process, only clean water to capture and hold the media and removed particles. Simply rinse away the residue and cleanup is completed. It’s that easy.

Contact Impact Pressure Washing to discuss your project in the Atlanta Metro Area.

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